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Large Capacity Brief Designer Zipper Canvas Shoulder Bag

This brief style shoulder bag is made of top quality canvas. There are apricot and black colors for you. There is a big pocket in front of this shoulder bag. It is very convenient for your frequently used items. The side pockets are also designed for your convenience. It is designed with a back zipper pocket. There is a zipper closure. When you open the zipper, you can see zipper pocket inside this shoulder bag. There is enough space for your necessities. It can hold your 14inch laptop.

There are apricot, black, brown and white fashionable and timeless colors for your selection. This backpack is made of soft and smooth PU leather. In front of this bag, there is a zipper pocket. The bottom of this bag is adopted with the fold design. The side of this bag, there is a belt buckle to adjust it. The buckle is made of bronze hardware. It is very durable and fashionable. Inside this bag, there are a change pocket, a cell phone pocket and a zipper pocket. They can hold your necessities in order. The lining of this backpack is made of cotton. It is very soft and comfortable. The straps are very comfortable for you. Material: PU Size: 32cmx14.5cmx40cm

This kind of bag can be hand or also can be the single back, and the unique package body line and the restoring ancient ways British design embossing all without exception shows its college wind. Bag color is very soft, give a person a kind of deliberately do old feeli salvatore ferragamo ng, will restore ancient ways are incisively and vividly.

Bags and various color include the clear sky bright blue connect with the sea make you feel romance and dreaming; The soft grass green let a person more close to the nature; Cool and refreshing khaki atmospheric not make public, Dynamic watermelon red release the summer passion; Noble purple pale pinkish grey mysterious and stillness; Elegant wine red revealing ambition palace wind; Fashionable black appearing sexy. No matter what ki salvatore ferragamo nd of color are all very good.

This celine bag is your best choose.

Top Quality Celine Luggage Phantom Square Bags

July 21, Houston, United States Trade Center, assistant general manager Li Jia Ming, made a special trip to Qianxiang Wanda Leather Products Co., Ltd. conference room, Qianxiang waiting here in the bags and leather industry association of the key manufacturers, introduced stationed in Houston Trade Center, on matters related to. up Feng and other regulations on corporate CEOs interested to inquire about the size of Houston Trade Center, the marketing of specific circumstances.

2010, Qianxiang Town, was named to the National bags production base. Present, the town has more than 400 bags manufacturers, including regulations on businesses 12, the output value reached 1.342 billion yuan last year, and is basically a foreign trade output value. Qianxiang Chamber of Commerce, said Wanda Leather Products Co., Ltd., chairman of Lvrong Gang in recent years, Qianxiang luggage industry rapid development, the foreign trade situation is optimistic. Many orders are from the Canton Fair and other large domestic fairs and old customers at, and there is no direct docking with foreign consumers. Qianxiang luggage owners to big cities such as Houston, USA to start a business, the products directly to the face of foreign consumers, corporate profit margins will certainly be more.

Fixed Bag with Ltd chairman Lvda Jun said Qianxiang bag industry after years of development, product quality and production process is basically to achieve the internationally recognized standard that can compete with foreign enterprises. If you have a good platform for the business will certainly do better.

Identification of the first layer of leather, we have adopted: a look at two touch, three pinch, 40 news in four steps can be identified salvatore ferragamo more than 95 percent of the leather is the first layer of leather. The second hurdle this off without mandatory. Because some people are Mo Buzhun, the method described below:

Feeling after the surface of the leather with your fingers touch is very smooth, but not the leather surface touch are generally very astringent feeling smooth, poor scalability, and is flexible, or elastic poor (we here is soft leathe salvatore ferragamo r Oh, hard leather will have another test, because the hard leather toughness and flexibility of course the first hurdle applicable)

(3) the third is the it off is basically to test more than 90 percent of the first layer of leather, so this off highlights.

Leather has a elastic, so I hand a little pressure surface around there to the heart of wrinkles wrinkled; down significantly, there is no wrinkles, and most of the time the second floor of the leather surface coating fabric; some fabric lines such as embossed leather, the pores seem to some, but press down and no wrinkles, and the surface is not smooth astringent, is not the first layer of skin; Although there has been some fabric sheen and texture, but also pressed wrinkles, and pores, so I do not; some much like the fine lines in soft leather, but apparent pores unlike the surface into a rule like, feel very astringent, not smooth, and feel the feeling of rubber, so it is not .

Identification of the first layer of leather,wholesale celine handbags 2012.

Here we introduce some methods of identification of hard leather:

Hard leather pinch surface pores or to see clearly, the use of different process surface generally will not have lines; the surface gloss of the first layer of leather fake leather does not have; Of course, sometimes leather surface gloss is not very obvious not apply to method (of course, very clear pores), we can take the approach, the corner of the bag gently inside folded what you can see the thin irregular patterns, imitation leather or two layer of skin is usually not of this fold, but very smooth; of course, be able to see the leather of the best cross section, the first layer of skin is clear we can see the compact cross section of organizations, the opposite is generally rough surface .

“Smell” the taste of artificial leather, plastic like pungent odor. The taste of the leather is special, we can go to get some leather smell to see, some people say it is a smell, some people say is the fragrance. In fact, smell different taste difference because everyone taste system, as well as different form of the taste consciousness. Let us say it is a leather fragrance of flavor. But this is not absolute, because some bags will use some of the pungent odor of the glue, this will also affect the judgment of taste.

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