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who should bag their faces

The franchise is in season nine but remains maybe a two on the evolutionary scale. The owners are in year five, but their juvenile battles have lasted nearly as long. Hockey isn failing in Atlanta so much as the product is, and it turns out even the sports most die hard fans have a breaking point.

“You can only put up with losing for so long,” Joe Harris said. “And I grew up a Cubs fan.”

The NHL trade deadline is Wednesday. Once again the Thrashers have morphed into a going out of business sale. Take a defenseman, a fourth line center, some shelving. Just send back prospects. They can sell those as “hope.”

Good te salvatore ferragamo ams add players for playoff runs, but this outfit has been amateur from day one. Local hockey fans should be used to this by now. This will be the Thrashers eighth non playoff season of a possible nine. But it seems the fans have more of a heartbeat than anybody running things.

Plans have circulated for weeks on Internet message boards to turn Friday home game against Montreal into a protest night. Several fans have vowed to wear paper bags, maybe with “Atlanta Spirit Stinks” on it. (Something about the acronym, apparently.) Others are considering bringing signs. Maybe they’ll even burn Damian Rhodes in effigy. Again.

“I don know why they own the team,” Harris, a former season ticket holder, said of the Atlanta Spirit. “You get no feeling that they care about the fans or putting a winning product on the ice. It seems like they just kind of put the team on cruise control this year while they tried to figure out how to stop losing money. I’m glad I stopped my tickets this year because otherwise I would just be depressed for three hours, watching my money go down the toilet.”

General manager Don Waddell justifiably has taken the most heat. But the Spirit is a rising target. Owners entered this season seemingly more concerned about paying their legal bills than improv salvatore ferragamo ing a team that has one of the lowest payrolls in the NHL.

Worst of all: They seem indifferent to the losing. It the worst message ownership can send fans.

I’d love to share their thoughts with you. But team officials declined to comment for this column. However, they’ve promised not to harass fans who plan to wear bags or carry signs. Seems even they realize they can’t afford to alienate the few patrons they still have.

Harris has led this planned protest. He estimates spending $25,000 over eight years for season tickets before deciding not to renew. That decision came during a town hall meeting with management last year, when owner Bruce Levenson lost his cool with angry fans. (Levenson has admitted he could’ve handled things better.)

“I decided I’m not giving this guy any more of my money,” Harris said.

Jonathan Peterson also canceled. Even his son, Christian, now 11, who idolizes Ilya Kovalchuk, seconded the decision.”It’s pretty bad when even your son is telling you it’s not worth it,” he said.

This is Christian Peterson when he was 3 years old in 2001, the day Ilya Kovalchuk was drafted. He now 11 and supported his father not renewing their season tickets. Sometimes the beer stand near us is closed if there’s not enough people there. It’s like minor league sports. You might as well have live chickens on the ice between periods.”

The Thrashers have won a few games recently. That changes nothing in the big picture. The franchise is a punch line. There is no reason to believe things will improve. Old fans want to wear bags.

Jeff: Fans have every right to protest. They have every right to feel disappointed, skeptical, worried that the teams may not improve. They NOT entitled to feeling by ASG. ASG bought the teams, bears the risks, and feels the pain more than anyone. The Spirit has lost in excess of $174 million since 2002 03, including $50 million in the past two years alone. They earned the right to be wrong.

R salvatore ferragamo unning sports franchises are a lot like raising the neighbor kids. If the owners have lost millions of dollars and they continued to hemorrhage money for more millions Why are they suing each other for ownership and not suing to sell ownership and require the other owners to purchase the other? SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

If i were one of the remaining Atlanta Spirit Group, I would not want to win a lawsuit against Belkin and have to pay him more money for the remainder of the ownership to lose more money anyone in this lame Atlanta media ask questions in regards to this? It doesn take a rocket scientist to see the words of the ASG and their actions, do not make sense. Ted: I disagree to this extent: While teams are privately owned, and therefore the owners can do with the teams as they please, they are as much a part of a city’s landscape as a stadium, an opera house or salvatore ferragamo a public park. The owners are there, to some degree, to serve the public, even if it is their business, because without the public there is not business.

Ted (II): Can Lindsay skate? I know. I know. Does it matter?

Jason: I think if the owners could have purchased the arena and the Hawks without the hockey team, they would’ve done so. But it was a package deal.

Chris: FYI, Kristi Swartz already has been up at the trial in Maryland twice for coverage. Unfortunately, the last trip (Thursday and Friday last week) was planned with Michael Gearon’s testimony in mind and it was postponed twice.

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