salvatore ferragamo Who sells Spirit friendly bags

Who sells Spirit friendly bags

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I would think that a DUFFEL BAG, which squishes a bit, probably would fit, even if nominally 17 inches long, and likely would be the best choice. That would include the very sturdily built BAD BAGS 1.5, $69, in various color combinations, which includes a carry salvatore ferragamo ing strap, or the larger but lighter Patagonia Lightweight Duffel, weight half the 28 oz. of the BAD version, now three color choices, no carrying strap, but with zip away backpack straps, another $30, and also can be zipped into pocket for storage. Eagle Creek has a Tarmac Flight Bag that might work; their smallest ES Cargo Duffel is 18 inches, and might push the envelope too much. The Redoxx Extra Small Aviator Bag would fit, but is almost too small for any trip beyond overnight.

Instead of wasting time trying to find bags that fit Spirit, time would be a lot better spent mounting a campaign against the company and its extremely annoy salvatore ferragamo ing baggage charges. As far as that goes some kind of civil disobedience against all piddly charges would be a good idea. This is the only travel blog I look at so I don’t know how many there are, but there must be some way to connect all of them together in an effort to get the airlines to quit being such cheap bads. Those of you who have the energy should be leading the charge! Don’t fly Spirit, Don’t fly Ryanair, don’t pay extra for any single thing on any airline. Let their sandwiches rot and their drinks expire. Have we become so used to knuckling under that we jsut go along with this stuff. Do you remember when paranoia and fear were not characteristics of the American society. Then came along plastic sheeting and duct tape, and the draping of the statue of Justice by Ashcroft because her breasts were bare. Freedom and justice started to diminish and the American people let if happen. Don’t pay to put your legal size bags in the overhead. I think that’ll do it for this morning. .

The more I think about it, the more I wonder why Spirit didn’t simply and quietly RAISE THEIR FARES step wise, maybe $3 to $4 a month, a total of $15, then join Southwest and Jet Blue by DOING AWAY WITH FEES for the first checked bag. The response to that would have been far more POSITIVE, in terms of public relations, but also BOOKINGS, and of course, with likely better than half the passengers opting to check their bag, that would have led to a permanent ceasefire for any “bin wars” on Spirit. Airline management these days however seems intent on always doing the WRONG thing. Chatting with John Nance recently, during an appearance he made at our hospital related to safety in healthcare, he allowed that if we ever had someone apply for a management position at our medical center whose resume included time spent in the airline industry, that alone might be a good reason to eliminate that candidate!

The last thing the airlines want to do is raise ticket prices. Here’s why. Let’s say Spirit offers a fare for $9. Most passengers would jump on this and proudly tell their friends they got a $9 fare. Fees and taxes might be another $200 but that doesn’t matter because the passenger assum salvatore ferragamo es everyone gets charged that. Why is the $1 menu at fast food places so popular?Why is Wal Mart the largest retailer in the world? Go to most travel boards and one of the most asked questions is: How do I get cheap fares?If this wasn’t true, airlines wouldn’t do it. In Europe, Ryanair is one of the most popular airlin salvatore ferragamo es and they nickel and dime you to death. Yet they make money. If there is one category of passenger the airlines don’t want to annoy its the FF. And you’ll notice that in most cases, elite FF’s are exempt from extra fees. for $50.( for a family, that might be moreeconomical). For International eg. The additional cost might be worth the peace of mind and convenience.

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