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Who makes your paper bags

One of the hallmarks of capitalism is the increasing diminution of the importance of the individual; if we are to have any chance of overcoming this process it will take individual awakenings not necessarily dramatic, yet still significant such as this brief but poignant and compelling essay provided. Purchased a breakfast meal the contents were securely delivered to me in a bag assembled by Maria Araujo on August 15th 2012. Thank you Maria for your attention to detail and steady hand when crafting this bag otherwise my food may have ended up on the side of my car. As i ate my meal I noticed her name on the bottom of the bag and decided to search the web for her name and low and behold there it was in your list of name. Looks like Duro is the go to manufacture of paper bags.

I too have been aware of these names and saving the bags. Yolanda Williams, Hola! Lizzie Nina, so good to see you here again! Sometimes there are years of gaps between sightings. All of you deserve to be noticed. I have started making them into collage art. I have a fantasy of visiting Duro and meeting some of these people, somehow in ferragamo corporating that experience into part of the art. To balance out the excess of the designer bags of the fashion world. Anyhow, I googled Duro to read about the company and saw your blog. Hmmm I am even more motivated :)

Thanks, Dirndl Skirt! I really glad to hear that you incorporating the bags in your art great idea! I liked one of the names so much, I hung part of the bag on my bulletin board at work and have left it there for a couple of years. I hope you get to the factory if you want to visit. I haven been on a shop floor since touring several cooperatives businesses in Buenos Aires two years ago. It interesting to see all that workers have to do to produce the products ferragamo we middle class consumers take for granted, but ultimately the experience made me feel like a gawking tourist.

I not quite in Buenos Aires yet, but soon Which reminds me: my visits to cooperatively run factories there, with other grad students from the University of Massachusetts, were really interesting and eye opening. That trip partly opened my eyes to the everyday objects we use and made me think about the people who made them. While it may vary from plant to plant the basic code is as follows; Day, Month, Plant, Machine, Shift produced. For example bags produced today in Elizabeth NJ, on machine 49 between 7:00am 3:00pm, would look like this; 20 01 EL 49 A. The code may vary, however, this is the basic format. The Elizabeth plant is slowly be phased out, and all those people whose names are on those bags will soon be out of work. Durobag closes at least one plant a year.

Picked up a white Duro 12 holding two pastries from La Dulce Vita; white bag expertly assembled by Blanca Guillen Mar 05 13 (EL 18 C). I was curious about the name Guillen and googled it, thinking Guillen was the name of a specific t ferragamo ype of bag. Guess I was off there.

Sorry to hear the EL factory will be closing. If Duro is closing their factories one by one, where will our bags get made? Poverty level wages (as mentioned above, and if true) in the USA are better than sending the work off shore, where the work conditons will be worse and impact out trade deficit.

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