ferragamo Who Let the Cats out of the Ol

Who Let the Cats out of the Old Bag’s House

Old Cat LadyK’nuckles is ferragamo peeping on Candy Wife, and Flapjack tells him that it is bad luck. K’nuckles tells Flapjack that he does not believe in superstition, excep ferragamo t for a phobia of cats. A cat falls from the ceiling of the Candy Barrel, and a grotesque close up of it’s face can be seen and disturbing meowing can be heard. K’nuckles runs off, and Flap takes him to the Old Cat Lady’s house. K’nuckles runs off again, and the ferragamo disturbing cat walks up to Flapjack. Flap talks to the cat, and the close up of it’s face is seen multiple times. When Flap tries to open the Cat Lady’s window to let the cat in, all the cats in the house run out. The next day, K’nuckles wants to go on an adventure outside, but Flapjack knowing that there are many cats roaming the streets of Stormalong tells K’nuckles that they should stay inside. K’nuckles insists that they go outside, eventually dragging Flapjack out of Bubbie’s ferragamo mouth. Flap sees several cats behind K’nuckles, and tells K’nuckles to close his eyes, so he can lead him to a surprise location. They get to the Candy Barrel, and see that Peppermint Larry’s new customers are cats. Flap and K’nuckles get back to Bubbie, and she takes them to Dogalong Harbor, a dog themed version of Stormalong. When the duo find out that there is no candy on Dogalong, they panic, and decide that they have to get back to Stormalong, but they also have to get rid of the cats. They take the dogs from Dogalong to Stormalong. The dogs get the cats back into the Old Cat Lady’s house, but then they infest Stormalong. Flapjack and K’nuckles get dog catchers from Dog Catcher Island, who catch all the dogs. K’nuckles is trying to find out how to get the dog catchers away, when the disturbing cat scares them away. K’nuckles then says that he has found a new love for cats, and rubs the cat on his face. It ends with the close up of the disturbing cat with the words “The End” in it’s mouth.

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