ferragamo Who Is Papa KHave you ever

Who Is Papa K

Have you ever seen a smokin hot chick with some douchebag and wonder to yourself, and why is SHE with HIM? in point:First of all that dudes skin tone is about four or five shades lighter than an egg, his teeth resemble rusted scrap metal and i ferragamo t appears as though his left pectoral fell off into his shirt! It a tragedy such a beautifulwoman wound up with such a bag of leftover human parts.

You gotta give him props though I guess. Also quit looking at my tiny nipple. I know that it keeps staring at you but you be the bigger person and just look away.

So if you want to get mad and huffy because you may alreadyhave one of the dreaded tattoos I about to mention then just remember that I have also defamed myself before getting starting. Although I still don think a tribal scorpion is anywhere near AS douchey as these.

Panther or Lion or Shark Or Dragon or Other RavenousBeast Out From Underneath Your Skin:Uh dude THERE A SMALL TIGER RIPPING THROUGH YOUR BACK!!! HOW DOES THAT EVEN HAPPEN!!! Oh it a tattoo! My bad.

I don really understand what trying to be said here. Other than trying to the public into believing that you actually have an animal tearing out from your insides. Perhaps someone would get it to represent being or perhaps they may be all calm on their exterior and have a wild beast literally screaming to be unleashed from inside their rear deltoid or from behind their spinal cord. piece of artwork made to look as though it actuall ferragamo y tearing your skin but it doesn translate that way for me. But for me, if you tattooed the superman logo on you and not just perhaps some artwork ferragamo of Superman, then you conveying to the masses that YOU are Superman! Who is Superman? He the man of steel! He can stop bullets with his eyeballs! He can fly! At the speed of light no less! Jump tall building in a single bound and fart so hard it blows the toupee off your step dad. Are we all to assume, if you gotten this tattoo, that you THAT cool! No one is that cool my friend not even you.

meprePapa K stylewhen I was twelve with my nephew Caleb, niece Rose and myf ferragamo irst zit! Yes yes I vividly remember it.:There is it! Do you see it! Right there on my nose!!Here me prePapa K styleas a monkey or at least that what Dave and Busters says:

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